Wormhole Mix

Wormhole Mix by Xpldr on Mixcloud

Mixed live in one take on two 1210s and a mixer, all vinyl. Deep bass, plenty of space, raw and vibe-y house, techno, dubstep and other sounds. Picks up where Slump Mix left off on the whole, but keeps it blissful and rolling instead of nosiy and bangin’ opting for some deep bass rollers instead. Eyes down, one for the heads. Enjoy.

Call Super - No City Of Choice [Houndstooth]
Bandshell - Perc [Liberation Technologies]
Pev & Kowton - Raw Code [Hessle Audio]
Levon Vincent - People [Novel Sound]
Young Male - All R [White Material]
DJ Spider & Marshallito - Hog’s Breath [subBASS Sound System]
DJ Qu - Undescribed1 (Multi) [Syncrophone]
Vester Koza - The Pagan Groove of San Francisco [Maslo]
Holdie Gawn - Graenul [Sylphe]
Anthony Naples - El Portal [The Trilogy Tapes]
Mass Prod & Life’s Track - This Is Knobold [Mus Records]
DJ Spider - Frequencie Pollution [Sublevel Sounds]
Lowtec - Oni Nake [Brainmath]
Pev - Aztec Chant [Livity Sound]
Elgato - Dunkel Jam [Elgato]
Anthony Naples - Busy Signal [The Trilogy Tapes]
Nyra - Best Of [Never Learnt]
DJ Spider & Marshallito - Sourr [subBASS Sound System]
Micawber - Shinkansen [Sylphe]
Phil Moffa - Midnight Never Ends [Sublevel Sounds]
Mass Prod & Life’s Track - Warlrus [Mus Records]
DJ Richard - Leech2 [White Material]
Shawn O’Sullivan - Crisis [The Corner]
Pev - Livity [Livity Sound]
Rhythmic Theory - Legacy Of The Lost [Idle Hands]
Objekt - Shuttered [Bleep]
DJ Spider & Marshallito - Infinite Potential [subBASS Sound System]
Beneath - Texers [Tectonic]
J.Robinson - The Maasai [Soundman Chronicals]
Zhou - Locust Dub [Punch Drunk]
Anthony Parsole & Phil Moffa - Ocean Bottom [The Corner]
Joy Orbison - BRTHDJTT! [Non Plus+]


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