Slump Mix

Slump Mix by Xpldr on Mixcloud

Bump that New Year slump by getting deep down and dirty with some odd-ball, groggy as shit, spaced out, fucked-up, grinding, bent out of shape techno music. We go for the slow burn on this one and start at around 110bpm or lower with some bass riddled, noisy techno experiments. Then up the funk with some lo-fi synth jams and deep house gems at around 120bpm before bumping it up again into some seriously pumping low frequency warehouse techno at around 128bpm where we grind it out until the end.

All screwed into shape on two 1210s and a Xone 22 mixer in one take using only vinyl.

Madteo - Workshop 11 B1 [Workshop]
Actress - Silver Cloud B1 [WerkDiscs/Ninja Tune]
Bandshell - Dust March [Hessle Audio]
Kowton - Track Mute [Idel Hands]
Vessel - Images of Bodies [Tri Angle]
MCMXCI - Skogen, Flicken och Flaskan Untitled 3 [Opal Tapes]
Actress - Silver Cloud B2 [WerkDiscs/Ninja Tune]
Madteo - Rugrats Don’t Techno For An Answer [Sähkö]
Moon B - Untitled A5 [People Potential Unlimited]
Hype Williams - Boss Man [Hyperdub]
Moon B - Untitled B6 [Peoples Potential Unlimited]
Theo Parrish - S.T.F.U. [Sound Signature]
Marcellis - Workshop 16 A1 [Workshop]
MGUN - Files React [Dont Be Afraid]
Levon Vincent - Stereo System [Novel Sound]
Roque Hernandez - Izalco (Raiz Remix) [History Y Violencia]
Roche - LFTL Eternal [Mathematics]
Frak - Synthfrilla [Sex Tags Mania]
MGUN - Flutter’s Brother [The Trilogy Tapes]
AU - Trilogy [General Elektro]
Anthony Parsole & Phil Moffa - Atlantic Ave [The Corner]
Karenn - Sailing Solvents [Works The Long Nights]
WAX - #10001 A Untitled [WAX]
DJ Qu - In This Society [Strength Music]
Marcellis - Workshop 16 B1 [Workshop]
Beneath - Wonz [Keysound]
Joey Anderson - Hydrine [Deconstruct]
MCMXCI - Skogen, Flicken och Flaskan Untitled 5 [Opal Tapes]
Parassela - Bad Treatment [Vae Victis]
Da Sampla - Frictional Beat #6 (KMFH 808 Dub) [Wild Oats]
Don Papa - Zombie Bass [Sex Tags Mania]
Laurel Halo - Sunlight On The Faded (Dub) [Hyperdub]



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